NEOMSAN 4×4, the DACIA Duster has been totally transformed into a well-rounded off-roader along every road.


Thanks to a batch of modifications done by NEOMSAN 4×4, the DACIA Duster has been totally transformed into a well-rounded off-roader along every road.

Known as one of the characters in the worldwide success story of the France-based automaker, the Dacia Duster has been a front-runner in the UV segment for quite some time now. In Europe, though it has to directly rival the likes of Hyundai Creta, which are currently one of the most sought-after vehicles, the Duster still manages to attract for a set of loyal buyers all around. Over and above, the Duster is also associated with a dashing good look, versatile cabin, powerful engines and decent off-roading capabilities package. Therefore, the French branded SUV becomes one of the most beloved models for virtually all tuners in the car modification world.

Dacia (Renault) Duster with Offroad-modifications by Neomsan 4×4

A tuning studio based out of Turkey named Neomsan 4×4 feels that the Duster is truly a stellar SUV with standard boxes but it even does better after being spiced up some. That’s why the Turkish tuning firm worked on an exclusive customization kit for the Duster that helps it break the limit to step into the territory of a mind-blowing badass off-roader SUV. To tell the truth, this aftermarket customization kit really fits the Duster so well regarding both aesthetics and performance aspects. The ride height of the Duster now has been lifted by a huge margin thanks to the infusion of a 30 mm lift kit while the 5 mm thick black aluminium underbody protectors do safeguard the engine-transmission from being damaged in challenging conditions as well as increase the car’s off-road competencies to a greater extent. Furthermore, the indeed black colour theme gives the car a sense of boldness and ruggedness that make it an absolute stunner for any onlookers.

You may notice that the highlighting aftermarket feature made to the Duster is a bigger black wheels setup. The customized SUV adopts a set of 215/70R16 BF Goodrich All-Terrain tyres that further enhances the off-roading masculinity of the badass beast. On the other hand, this set of wheel tyres also helps increase the ground clearance and traction of the model compared to a higher stance when compared to the standard units while a two-ton winch kit also intensely aid the SUV in case it gets stuck on any rough terrain.

Over the top, the excellent custom Duster sees the inclusion of a big roof rack that is totally convenient for carrying goodies on the go, especially for the long adventure trips. It also comes up with a set of PIAA front lamps and LED light bar that enables better visibility alongside the roads, especially during the night time running. Stunningly, the special version of Duster also packs a bull bar made of polished stainless steel that makes it, all the way, meet the mandatory pedestrian safety regulations.

The tuning firm Neomsan 4×4 also brings on a range of custom rims for customers to freely choose from, meeting the insatiable customers’ tastes. The most expensive kit is the BF Goodrich rubber which is priced well at €1,300 while the others sit at around €1,050